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As a 90’s child or an adult one would definitely get nostalgic when the name WWE Wrestling is taken. Not from 90’s only this sport is being loved in 2020 too. WWE has already ruled the gaming platform since 90’s be it a console gaming or PC Gaming. WWE UNDEFEATED MOBILE Game Launch is definitely going to be a very big Hit, I bet.

Great news for WWE lovers

There is a happy news for mobile gamers who love the WWE. WWE has announced its new mobile game WWE UNDEFEATED for iOS and Android devices. This good news has become possible due to the partnership with  nWay inc.


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The game is to be released on Thursday, December 3, 2020 for phones and tablets.  The game trailer has been launched on YouTube. And as per its description, the game will have WWE superstars characters. These superstars will be like the Rock, The Undertaker and many more. This will be a 2 player real-time synchronous PvP format, released internationally with several languages provided, stated in the press.

Exciting Features of WWE UNDEFEATED MOBILE Game

This game composites over action with existent-time strategy gameplay and is available for on various mobile platforms.  WWE Undefeated structures speedy play matches designed for mobile devices and short periods. You can face head-to-head matches in real time with opponents. And this all while experiencing the action, signature style moves and bigger than life superstars that are identical with WWE.

The nWay and WWE partnership

We all know “nWay is a leader in making real-time competitive multiplayer games and we could not be more excited to partner with WWE to deliver an over-the-top experience,” said Taehoon Kim from nWay.

The nWay is known for its multiplayer game development quality and by the statement of Taehoon Kim we can assure that WWE UNDEFEATED might become a competitive game out there, you never know.

Below are some screenshots of the game

Updates from official press release by the gaming officials and the nWay

SAN FRANCISCO – November 5, 2020 — nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, announced that WWEⓇ Undefeated, this latest WWE mobile game featuring real-time head-to-head competition, will release worldwide 03.12.2020 for both the mobile platform i.e. for iOS and Android devices.

It is developed by nWay, it is developer and publisher of many multiplayer games. Many famous are under it are Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, WWE Undefeated features quick-session matches which are designed for mobile devices. Players can play game head-to-head in real-time with live opponents and can enjoy the action, signature style moves.

Play the Character of your favourite superstar and fight a real time game

nWay got partnership with WWE to give gamers an over-the-top experience. nWay’s is known for developing quality multiplayer games which is going to makes fans to connect with their favourite Superstars and Legends in a fun and action-packed setting on their mobile devices.


Pre-register the game

You can pre-register the game from the store, there is a reward for the players who pre-register the WWE UNDEFEATED before it’s launch. By pre-registration you will be able to unlock the special reward which you can acquire after the game launches on December 03, 2020.

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