Holi 2023 – Pre Skincare Tips


Here are some of the best skincare tips you must follow on this Holi festival –

Best tips on this Holi

Holi is a High spirited, vibrant and quirky festival. For me, Holi is not only about playing with colours for me Holi is much more then that it involves taking care of before and after and not a match in detail but a very shortcut way how uh can maintain the texture and quality of your skin. So that even after Holi you do not regret any moment of those applying colours and all. Enjoy and Have fun.

Tips to make your skin Holi ready

So here are some before skincare tips you must follow

1- A Rich moisturiser for hydration


Playing with harsh colours and sun exposure could make your skin dry, flaky, tanned, sunburnt and irritated. So applying a rich moisturiser or oil before you step out to play. Prepping the skin with a good moisturiser before playing with colours is a skincare that I believe right from my childhood. Moisturising will really help to eliminate skin dryness and make your skin extremely soft and supple.

2- Use a Good SPF


Sunscreen is your best friend never forget to put on sunscreen. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out of your house to avoid the unwanted tanning and skin issues. Using a higher spf will protect your skin from sunburn and also from the colours.

3- From Holi colours Protect your Hair with oiling


Nourishment! Your hair needs it. Oiling is very important step, especially this time of the year. Choose a good hair oil which you want to apply coconut, almond, caster or olive oil. These all hair oil protect your hair from harsh chemicals. Keep your hair tied up or ponytails. Oiling hair will form a protective shield on the strands.

4-Never forget the Lips

Lips are the delicate part of your face. So, protect it with applying enough petroleum jelly or any good hydrating lip balms before stepping out of your house to play Holi. Lip balm will keep your lips protected and hydrated throughout the day.

5- Nail polish will protect your nails from Holi colours

Apply a nail polish or oil to protect your nails from harsh colours, using a dark colour nail polish black, brown red, blue, magenta, green coating with two or three coats and keep Your nails short or in shaped. Secure your nail colours with another layer of shiner nail paint.

6- Stay hydrated


Drinking some fresh juices or water will get you hydrated throughout the day. Eat some juicy fruits like watermelon, oranges, strawberries, peaches or cucumbers will hydrate your body and also provide a good nutrient and vitamins.

7- Avoid using some excessive makeup.

8- Wear long sleeved top and pants to cover up your skin.

9- Avoid parlour activities.

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