A daily routine Guide to stay Healthy and Fit

What should be the routine to stay fit in the fast-moving life?
To stay fit and healthy everyone’s routine should be like mentioned here and followed strictly to get the best results.

A daily routine Guide to stay Healthy and Fit


You should wake up before 6 in the morning.

After getting up, drink 2 glasses of lukewarm.

Drinking water helps in your bowl movement. After that, finish your important work, you must have understood the important work.
After that, on a 30-minute walk, get out and take the morning fresh air and sun.
Do yoga for 30 minutes, if you want to exercise, you can also do exercise.

Now you should have a healthy breakfast. You can take fruits, fruit juice, oats, oatmeal, egg, or any of the sprouted grains in breakfast.

Around 11 am, you can again eat any fruit, dry fruits, or any healthy thing of your choice.


The afternoon routine needs the most attention as it is very difficult to stick to the timings during noon. Everyone remains engaged in work and skips the scheduled health routine. But we should try to follow the timings of lunch ad tea timings of the afternoon session. Eat your meal before 2 in the afternoon. Take tea or light snacks between 3 to 3.30 PM. The delay here will impact the evening and night routine fixed.


Walk again for 30 minutes in the evening. After walking, eat something. Take some rest and watch TV or spent time with your friends and family.


Make the dinner light. Have dinner before 8 o’clock.
Drink a glass of milk around 9 o’clock and eat 2 almonds and 2 date-palms with milk. Eat healthy and stay health enjoy life.

Go to sleep at 10 o’clock.
Meanwhile, drink at least 3 liters of water throughout the day.
These are not too difficult tasks. Everyone can adapt it easily in his/her daily routines and enjoy a healthy and active life. I hope you have liked the article, let me know your views in the comment box below.

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