What are Banana Benefits?

What will happen if you Eat Banana?

  1. If you Eat Banana you must know banana benefits!
  2. Amazing Health Benefits of Banana!
  3. Did you know the Banana facts?
  4. How & when to Eat Banana for weight loss?

If you Eat Banana you must know it!

As we know, Bananas are rich source of Vitamins, nutrients & natural sugars such as sucrose & fructose. Banana are one of the most popular fruit in American diet. Vitamin – C is an important Antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals. It also helps to keep blood vessels healthy & produces collagen. Great source of folic acid. Banana are low in calories & lots of fibre present in it. Banana are Superfood for Everybody.
1 Banana = Vitamin B6
1 Banana contains around 20 percent of your daily requirements of Vitamin B6 & it improves metabolism. So many health benefits Banana can bring for us.

 Amazing Banana Benefits for Health

  1. The risk of Anaemia falls
  • Anaemia causes paleness, tiredness & Breathlessness. It’s the results of a reduction in Red blood cells & low level of Haemoglobin in the blood.
  • Banana contains a lot of iron, which stimulates the production of Red blood cells.
  • Banana also contain vitamin B6, which regulates blood glucose level, Helping people with Anaemia.
  1. Digestion Improves
  • Banana are easily digested & don’t irritate the Gastro-Intestinal tract.
  • Banana are natural Anti- Acid, so eating banana a day can less on the hurt burn symptoms.
  • Easy on stomach & controls Diarrhoea & it is less allergic fruit.
  1. Keeps You Energetic
  • Banana supply proper carbohydrates necessary to replace the muscle glycogen used & Boost Haemoglobin.
  • Each Banana on Average contains around 27 Mg of magnesium. As a result, it makes you Feel more relaxed & happier. Banana increases happiness. Keeps you regular & give instant energy.

Do you know there are some healthy banana snacks, check out the list below:
  1. Post Cereal Banana Nut Crunch
  2. Looms & Weaves Fresh Kerala Banana Chips 
  3. Looms & Weaves – Kerala Banana Chips  (Fresh Homemade Chips Made From Organic Banana
  4. Cape Fresh Nagercoil Nendran Banana Chips, Salt and Black Pepper, Natural Kanyakumari Snack
  5. Flavours of Calicut Kerala Banana Chips

Did you know the Banana facts?

  • It reduces the level of sugar in your blood & raises your body’s sensitivity to insulin whether the body accumulates fat depends on the insulin present.
  • Banana has low glycaemic index as compare to other fruits.
  • Adding Banana to your diet reduces the risk of death from strokes by 40 percent.
  • Banana are the ideal prebiotic because of their high fibre content.
  • Banana considered as a mood enhancer because it contains amino acids, tryptophan (happier hormone) & Vitamin – B6 that helps the body produce Serotonin & prevents from depression.
  • Good for healthy & glowing skin. Apply banana paste on your skin, it fights acne, reduce pigmentation & wrinkles. Good for general female health.
  • Rub a banana peel on your teeth will make whiten teeth.
  • Rub banana peel on your forehead can help cure a Headache.
  • Weight loss is one of the most effective change for controlling blood pressure.
  • Human share about 50 percent of our DNA with banana.


How & when to eat Banana for weight loss

  • Eating just 1 banana in empty stomach daily for healthy & quick weight loss.
  • Avoid taking banana shake on daily basis, you can have it once or twice a week & don’t add dry fruits into it.
  • Eating banana Pre & Post workout, Banana are great Pre – workout snacks because they are loaded with potassium that aids in maintaining nerve & muscle function during workouts.
  • Banana are great weight loss food because they taste sweet & are filling which helps curb cravings & control blood sugars.
  • Banana also contain a kind of starch that reduces your appetite & stops you gaining weight.
There are some other ways to use banana, let us have a quick view..
  1. Himalayan Organics Banana Conditioner for Dry and Frizzy Hair
  2. The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask, Silicone-free Hair Treatment
  3. Flawsome Wild Bananas Moisturizing & Smoothening Hair Mask

  I hope this article must have helped you to understand banana benefits.

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