Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

The Real Dangers to Kids Online and How to Avoid Them

We often search for Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online. This is because Parents’ biggest concern about the Internet used to be pornography, but there is definitely a greater fear today.

Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

You have probably taught your child not to talk to strangers, and in many situations, they would remember this. But the Internet is different. Due to the Internet’s anonymity, strangers are talking to children all the time. They try to gain the child’s trust by having friendly conversation at first, but over time, their true objective of sexually soliciting the child becomes evident. Children and parents alike are unaware of this, yet this is exactly what is going on via the Internet.

What can today’s parent do? Armed with information, there’s quite a bit a parent can do. I hope this article will certainly help you out on Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online.

Tips for kids online safety

Top 5 Internet Safety Tips

1. Tell your child to NEVER EVER reveal their name, address, phone number or any other personal information to ANYONE online. Once you give out this information, it is impossible to retract.

2. Communicate regularly (not just once) with your child about WHAT they do online and WHO they talk to online. If you have actually met the friends they are talking to in person, you’ll know it is OK for them to chat with them online.

3. Take computers out of kids’ rooms and put them into public areas such as the family room. Many parents think they are helping with homework by giving the kids a computer, but it also opens certain dangers that you may be unaware of.

4. Choose your child’s screen name, email address or instant message name wisely – don’t’ reveal ages, sex, hobbies, and CERTAINLY NOT suggestive or sexy names.

Predators are more likely to pursue a child with the screen name “sexyteen5” than “happygirl5”

5. Use technology to help you protect your child. Monitoring browsing history gives you the ability to review your child’s Internet usage. Even if you don’t look at each and every email or instant message they send Health Fitness Articles, you’ll have a good idea if they are making smart choices online.

The Internet can open many doors and provide useful information for children. An aware and informed parent can help keep children safe. These Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online are very easy to follow.

Tips for kids online safety

In short, one can follow following some tips to create a safe environment for internet use by your kids:

  1. Visit Often and Do Not Allow Kids To Browse Alone
  2. Talk with Kids About Protecting Their Privacy by Not Sharing It Online
  3. Never Agree to Meet Online Friends without Parents’ Consent
  4. Instruct Your Child Never to Click on Pop-ups or malicious downloads
  5. Use a Strong Password and not to Share with Anyone
  6. Set a Time Rule for Online Activity
  7. Monitor What Your Kids Post Online and Social Media
  8. Use Reliable Security Software and Antivirus
  9. Don’t Share Card Details with Kids and Allow to Shop Online in Parents Presence
  10. Enhance Privacy Settings of Internet Security.
Tips for kids online safety

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