OnePlus Concept One

Mobile Phone Review – OnePlus Concept One

In an era of technical advancement people have always wanted for more from technology and science. In any field, technical advancement is always needed. ONEPLUS CONCEPT ONE is an example of the same. And if we talk about technology the most common thing we come across is a mobile phone. Today the mobile phone plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Most of the work, adding personal life interests are carried out by it so we always want a mobile device that keeps our head to head with the technology.


As we speak about mobile phones, many big companies strike in our head and one plus is one of the game-changer among them. OnePlus has always kept its game on point in the department of giving something new to the people. From the onePlus one to the OnePlus Concept One it’s all about the new technology. And this time they have come up with the INVISIBLE CAMERA.

OnePlus has officially unveiled the concept Phone at CES 2020 which they had previously teased .


One Plus has not unveiled the major specifications of the concept one but the hands on have showed some impressive updates . They have collaborated with the McLaren. And the design of the phone is also inspired by the McLaren 720S super car with the signature Papaya Orange coloured leather  , with the gold rim .

Coming to the main USP of the ONEPLUS CONCEPT ONE is the rear camera, which is covered  with the electrochromic glass ,  the same glass which is used in the manufacturing of McLaren cars and the Boeing.

Electrochromic glass can shift/ change its tint when a current is applied on it. The same glass is used on the rare of the device which can change its tint from opaque black to transparent in 0.7 seconds. One Plus has also stated that this glass will act as built in polarising filter for the camera.

By introducing the electrochromic glass one Plus has hinted the future of their upcoming phones and by the use of it they can give more to their fans and users without compromising with the design.

One Plus has claimed that “the glass of the one Plus Concept One uses the organic particles to create changes in transparency so that the glass covering the camera lenses can shift in an instant from opaque black to entirely clear. Presenting a clean unbroken surface when not in use.”

OnePlus has not unveiled any specifications , price details and date for the launch of this device but yes they have hinted towards the future of their upcoming devices. And at  last but not least it is a concept phone there is no further information from the officials about when it will be in production or will be launched , but from this we surely get the hint for the futureof  onePlus.

What do u think about the onePlus Concept one and the use of electrochromic glass, let us know in the comments.

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