Coronavirus Impact on Stray Animals

Thousands of stray animals depend on food and waste from markets, grocery shops and restaurants. But during this grievous lockdown, strays are having hard time in finding food..! Stray animals are becoming emancipated and weaker puppies and kittens may not even survive. But, have you ever heard of a problem without a solution? The Answer is No! So, the question is HOW TO HELP THE STRAY ANIMALS DURING THE LOCK DOWN?stray animals

Here are a few things that you can do to save the animals;

  1. Feed Them But Better Be Safe- You can feed the animals in your locality by making some extra food in your home. But, make sure you wear your mask and gloves and also use a sanitizer before and after feeding them food.stray animals
  2. Biscuits and Dry Food- In case you don’t have extra food in home, you can also  feed them some biscuits (preferably marigold or Any unsweetened biscuits) or dry food.stray animals
  3. Lastly, Be Safe and Stay Home!

Save animals, save life.  

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