End of Microwave Industry – Is it True?

Recently, many of us have seen a viral message on social media having title “End of Microwave industry!”. This message also states that Japan govt has decided to dispose of all the Microwave Ovens in the country before this year end.

But, is it true or it’s an hoax which is shared by public without factual confirmation. First, let us know the what is the message:

“Reason for this ban: University of Hiroshima’s scientists researched and found that “radio waves” from microwave ovens cause greater harm to health over the last 20 yrs, than the US atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Sep 1945.

Experts found that food heated in microwave ovens has very unhealthy vibrations and radiation.

All the factories of “microwave ovens” in Japan are being closed.

S Korea announced plans to close all “microwave ovens” factories by 2021, and China by 2023.

A conference on cancer prevention held @ Kashira Cancer Center recommended:

  1. No Refined oil
  2. No Milk of animal origin (recommended soya milk)
  3. No Food cubes (chicken broth spices like Maggie etc)
  4. No Soda (32 pieces of sugar per liter)
  5. No Refined sugar
  6. No Microwave ovens
  7. No mammogram before birth, except echocardiography
  8. No Very narrow underwear and bra
  9. Do not re-freeze thawed food.
  10. Do not drink chilled water kept in plastic bottles stored in the fridge.
  11. Avoid deodorants used after shaving or baths because they cause cancer.

The conference advise adding these to your diet :

  1. Vegetables
  2. Honey moderately used instead of sugar
  3. Plant proteins (beans instead of meat)
  4. 2 cups of water at body temp on empty stomach before brushing teeth
  5. Food should be warm and not very hot
  6. Aloe vera juice + ginger + parsley + celery + bromalin (Mix and drink on an empty stomach)
  7. Carrot juice daily
  8. Tomato, garlic onion with meals

Note : The American Physicians Association found the causes of cancer:

  1. Do not drink anything hot in plastic cups
  2. Do not eat anything hot wrapped in paper or cardboard or in a plastic bag (eg fried potatoes)
  3. Don’t eat in plastic or microwave dishes

When plastic is exposed to heat, chemicals dat can cause 52 cancer types are released.

You must also avoid drinking all kinds of soft drinks such as “Cola, Pepsi, Av, Fanta and all concentrated juices because cancer feeds on sugar. Eat fresh pineapples and avoid pineapple mix. Don’t eat heavy food after 7pm.

Drink more water in the morning and less in the evening. Do not take a horizontal position (lying down/sleep) immediately after eating.”

So, above was the message, after reading it seems it is correct, but one can find some of its facts are correct however the information on End of Microwave Industry is False (source – TOI).

You can share this truth with your loved ones you care.

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