Duroflex Single Seater Recliner – Review

About this Duroflex Recliner …

High-quality and high resilient Duroflex foam is used for making the recliner. The back is filled with a non-siliconized virgin polyfill for a greater back support and comfort.

This recliner comes with additional polyfill cushion along the arm rest, which is suitable for long sitting duration.

There are three reclining positions in this recliner. Sitting, reading and watching TV. Angles open are such that promotes the most ergonomically suitable position for longer sitting duration.

The back seat is designed to give good neck and lumbar support.

Polyester and Polypropylene mix fabric, which has successfully passed BS EN ISO 12947; 105; 12945, 13937 standards for abrasion resistance, colour fading prevention, pilling resistance; resistance to tear respectively.

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      Why choose Duroflex Avalon Recliner?

      Duroflex Avalon Fabric Recliner is your go-to place for lazy days. Made from trusted Duroflex foam and premium upholstered fabric, it is designed for plush comfort. Sit, binge watch, or read! With 3 reclining settings, you could literally live in it!

      The back has nylon webbing and a zig-zag spring, it is filled with non-siliconized virgin polyfill for good back support. The armrest features an additional polyfill cushion to make your long hours of sitting a breeze. We bring to you the promise of superior durability with our recliner certified for European Standards of Durability. Spruce up your living room with 3 exciting colours to choose from.

      recliner - REVIEW
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